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Glen Ireh Estate, Tasmania

Pinot Noir Cask Original

43% ABV / 700ml

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This single malt whisky is a work of art. Tasmania is the perfect climate for producing both this world-class pinot noir wine and our world-class whisky. Maturing our whisky in local pinot wine casks produces a match made in heaven.

Our Pinot Noir Cask release is our oldest whisky released to date and showcases characteristics derived from our distinctive slosh cask process in a bright and lively spirit.

Enjoy as you please, neat or with a drop or 2 of water to enjoy across multiply levels.

43% ABV / 700ml
Product of Tasmania, Australia

Our unique "Sloshing" process

Is a valuable contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and singular aromas and expressions of Adams single malt whisky.

Learn more about "Sloshing"


Aroma: Beautiful pinot notes are allowed to shine through, followed by a woody oak scent that dissolves gently.

Palate: Slight peppery notes and hints of black forest fruits give way to soft refined spices and dark chocolate undertones. Soft oak flavours reveal port-style characters.

Finish: A sweet and subtle finish with lingering notes of pinot noir.