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Taste our award-winning Tasmanian whisky and gin. Bottle sales are also available.

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French Oak Pinot Noir

Cask# 456

Adams sourced a new Pipe-shaped Pinot cask to trial barrel aging our Sloe gin, and that's where we discovered how amazing the oak and Pinot flavours complement our Sloe gin creation.

This method has now become a tradition for Adams Sloe Gin. After the trial, we used the same cask to finish off a small batch of rum that we created and started maturing in 2017. The result was truly special and unique, with all the expected rum characteristics.

This cask had now been filled with Adams peated NMS using the great Bairds peated barley accompanied by ale yeast to create an amazing sweet smoky spirit. Cask

Cask #456 - French Oak Pinot Noir is a characterful whisky defined by its journey.

American Oak Bourbon

Our first fill 20-litre Bourbon cask played a pivotal role in maturing Adams first whiskies and was chosen to be filled with Adam's signature 3-malt grain bill, featuring a captivating blend of smoked, roasted, and pilsner barley.

This exclusive cask was chosen for a second filling with Bairds peated new make
spirit from Adams. The fusion of vanilla and oak found in the bourbon cask is harmoniously balanced with the smoky essence of the peated spirit.

The result is a deep, rich, and indulgent treat, with a sweet and smoky profile, at 64.8% abv.

Cask #211 - American Oak Bourbon is bold and intense whisky, offering an experience like no other.