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Glen Ireh Estate, Tasmania

Peated Sherry Cask - 44.8%

44.8% ABV / 700ml

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Peated Sherry is one of Adams Distillery’s favourites. This peat is from Scotland, alas, Australia does not make commercial peated barley. Adams has been watching and crafting this cask for over a year after it matured, to make sure the balance was perfect & it was the best whisky it could possibly be.

Aroma – The peat is immediate, very subtle, but clearly there. This hides most of the other notes, hits of typical sherry fruits are present but do take a moment to become clear

Palate – No hiding the peat. It is sweet & earthy, carrying the rich chocolate, nuts, and oak throughout the entire palate. Spice and black fruits are more towards the end of the palate.

Finish – Wonderful mouth feel, soft and textured with a nearly warm oily sensation. Long finish that seems to go on and on. Peaty smoke & sweet sherry, balanced with the oak and slight fruits at the very end.


Our unique "Sloshing" process

Is a valuable contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and singular aromas and expressions of Adams single malt whisky.

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