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Glen Ireh Estate, Tasmania

Peated Cask Strength

59.5% ABV / 700ml

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Adams Distillery Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky Cask Strength peated - slosh 300L port cask, cask no. AD 0113 db (96) n24 sublimely structured phenol: the smoke offers myriad degrees of depth and peat intensity.

Fruitcake-like sultana adds the sweeter edge; t23.5 a near perfect mouthfeel on delivery, then pow! First the smoke, then the fruit and finally the oak take turns to dominate while the spices Fester; f24.5 the glorious strands of Melton Hunt fruitcake have to give way to the chocolate-dipped phenols;

59.5% ABV / 700ml
Only 130 bottles

> 2021 Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year - Jim Murray Whisky Bible
> 2021 Australian Whisky of the Year - Jim Murray Whisky Bible
> 2021 Best Australian Single Cask Single Malt - World Whiskies Awards

Our unique "Sloshing" process

Is a valuable contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and singular aromas and expressions of Adams single malt whisky.

Learn more about "Sloshing"