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Glen Ireh Estate, Tasmania

Pinot Noir Sloe Gin Cask 58.9%

58.9% ABV / 700ml

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Pinot Noir barrels are used to mature our crowd-favourite Sloe Gin for 6-12 months. The choice to then mature our Estate spirit in the same casks has created a truly unique dram. Love it or hate it; experimentation is at the core of the Adams method.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma – Dried and berry fruits intertwined with Pinot Noir.

Palate – Sweet notes of toffee and jam-like berries give way to oaky wine flavours. Fruit and subtle spices linger on the finish.

New Release – Limited Edition.
Available while stocks last.

58.9% ABV
Product of Tasmania, Australia

Our unique "Sloshing" process

Is a valuable contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and singular aromas and expressions of Adams single malt whisky.

Learn more about "Sloshing"