The third amigo: The Prof.

In Early 2016, Adam & Adam were trying to find a new location for their Distillery venture after the Launceston city council voted again their location. At the time Adam Saunders was dating Claire, the daughter of Berni's partner Anne. A long story short and Berni agreed to help out and provide the Adams with a shed to start their venture in. Jump ahead a year or so and Adams Distillery was bursting at the seams and looking to expand so they could keep up with demand and storage. This is where The Prof. was invited to join the party, not only as a landlord, but as an equal share holder, becoming the “Third Amigo” Together, the 3 partners have gone from strength to strength and with the latest expansion complete, they are ready to make some serious volume of high quality Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky.