Dark Angel - Single Malt Whisky
Dark Angel - Single Malt Whisky

Dark Angel - Single Malt Whisky

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Dark Angel 46%
Brewed in our cauldron and fermented for 7 days & 7 nights, this potion of 50% Dark Crystal Malted Barley and Pale Malt Barley has spawned a creature of the night. The Dark Angel, so named for her twisted and tormented fight between good and evil. This Single Malt Whisky will take you on a wild flavour flight. 
The Aroma is dark espresso and dark chocolate. At the beginning of the pallett, a slightly bitter chocolate quickly gives way to dark fruits and earthy tones. The mid palette starts to show the depth of complexity as some of the dominate flavours jossel  for supremacy, ultimately giving way to sweet mocha richness and a long finish. There is a an amazing mouth feel which evolves with every sip. 
This Whisky is perfect for after dinner with a good cigar, thick espresso shot, good quality smoked meats or a piece of bitter chocolate.