Personal 20L Casks
Personal 20L Casks

Personal 20L Casks

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Note: the above price includes GST but does not include excise tax, continue reading for more detail.

Adams Distillery is excited to offer personal casks of our Award Winning Single Malt Spirit. This opportunity if for you or a group to purchase your own cask from our selection and have it filled with New Make Spirit. You are invited to come along to the Distillery and fill the cask in person, or we can fill it for you and send you a sample of the spirit and you ownership certificate.

Each cask is required to remain at the Distillery under bond until the Whisky has reached its perfect level of maturation. Once the Whisky is ready, we will invite you to come and fill your bottles or we can fill them and send them to you Our standard bottles and Private Casks labels are included in your purchase price; however, if you would like to use your own bottles and/or a personal label you can supply these to us and we can use them. (Freight is not included).

We have 5 options for ex-filled barrels, Rum, Sherry, Port, Bourbon and Pinot Noir; these are all 20 litre casks and will be filled with 63.4% ABV spirit. Once matured and after the Angels have their share, you can expect approx. 23 to 28 x 700ml bottles at 43% ABV. This will vary depending on the strength you want the Whisky bottled at.

  1. Rum cask: 1350 AUD
  2. Sherry cask: 1350 AUD
  3. Port cask: 1350 AUD
  4. Bourbon cask: 1350 AUD
  5. Pinot Noir cask: 1350 AUD

Excise Tax – The above price includes all GST, however, once the Whisky leaves the bond store, there will be excise due. This will be approximately $950 and this payment is due before the Whisky can leave the Distillery. The amount will vary as it is calculated by the remaining volume and ABV at the end of maturity.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us