Shiraz Cask - Single Malt Whisky, PEATED 46.5% ABV

Shiraz Cask - Single Malt Whisky, PEATED 46.5% ABV

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Aged in ex Shiraz Cask - Single Malt Whisky, PEATED 46.5% ABV

This is the more tame and controlled version, 16% less ABV, still one champion of a Whisky.

When Adam & Adam proposed to age Peated New Make in Shiraz casks, some people said they were mad, it can't be done, you will be sorry..... They are sorry... Sorry they didn't lay down 1000 more Peated Shiraz Casks. In others words, "Did it work?" you bet your last dollar it worked. WOW.....

Adam & Adam have taken a big bold complex wine, some say the holy grail of reds, tipped it down the drain to get to what they really want, the Shiraz seasoned Cask. These casks have a deep earthy and rich fruit aroma, perfect for whisky. 

The aroma of this Whisky is a bit cheeky, at first whiff you may be forgiven for thinking this is an ex sherry cask, the lower ABV allows more of this to come through as there are some similar characteristics on the nose; but the second inhalation and the shiraz comes bouncing out of the glass right onto your olfactory nerve. Delicious. 

On the palate, the front is sweet, with burnt sugar and caramel lighting the way for what's to come. The Peat in the lower ABV version makes and early appearance here but slips into the background before it's staring performance later... The shiraz is still subtle in this version, however there is more of the delicious wine shinning through on its own merits. The dark rich plum and blackberry shares the stage with some hits toffee and a little bitter chocolate, only a little less intense but still perfectly balanced. 

Now, we haven't forgotten the Peat. Not heavily peated at all, a lot more of a mild to quite light & is very pleasant on the back end of the palate, it compliments the long chewy finish that goes on and on. Typically oily and just all round yummy. 

A drop or two of water and you will have the pleasure of enjoying this Whisky across multiple levels.