Port Cask - Original Single Malt Whisky 41.5% ABV

Port Cask - Original Single Malt Whisky 41.5% ABV

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Unpeated Port Cask Perfection... The 41.5% ABV Version

Two 100L Ex-Port casks, 4 years old, batched together to create only 150 litres of 63.3% ABV.

We have only bottled 120 of these at 41.5%

This whisky has all the charm and expectation of an Adams Port Cask Whisky. Unlike it's "Slosh Cask" cousins there is a little less influence from the Port and more influenece from time and the Oak.

This expression though has been broken down to 41.5% ABV, our lowest ABV todate, however, it is incredible at this lower exoression. Still beutifully balanced with those dark fruits and sweet christmas cake spice rolling around your tounge, but there is more of the subtle oak and some slight hints of oragne and fresh grain/malt. This whisky has great mouth feel with a beautiful hint of fudge and if you can hold it in your mouth long enough, you will pick up the faint coffee notes. Slightly shorter finish than the 63.3% version, only slightly... 

A drop or two of water and you will have the pleasure of enjoying this Whisky across multiple levels.