Sherry Cask Strength  63.6% ABV

Sherry Cask Strength 63.6% ABV

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Sherry Cask – 63.6% ABV

Hidden behind some old boxes & left to slumber for over 4 years, this is one of our oldest Slosh casks, from the original program & made on the original Stills before the expansion in 2018. This Sherry cask is nothing short of Perfection. Best described as a vision; Imagine if you will, a leather chesterfield, in a dark wooden Oak panel room, hints of sweet smoke in the air and a platter of Rich Dark Chocolates on the coffee table next to the 25yo Sherry in grandma’s best Italian Crystal. The colour of this whisky is a velvety plum purple/red.

Aroma - Is typical of a much older quality Sherry Single malt, typical of Adams Whisky punching above its weight. Sweet and dried Christmas fruits.

Palate - The start of the palette is warm but not hot. Light and fruity, very mild hints of smoke and red/dark fruits; a slightly dry start gives way to a full-bodied bold whisky.

Finish - A big bold whisky like this does not disappear quickly, there is a lovely long finish, delicious evolution of flavours right to the end. A near perfect mouth feel.