Pinot Noir Cask Strength  61.2% ABV

Pinot Noir Cask Strength 61.2% ABV

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Pinot Noir Cask – 61.2% ABV

Adams has always had a special affinity with Pinot Noir Casks. Tasmania is the perfect climate for producing both this world class wine and our world class whisky; the two are a match made in heaven. This particular offering is the oldest whisky we have released to date. The colour is almost black; this is primarily because of the Slosh Cask process. The Whisky is exposed to twice the previous fill, as a result, the beautiful rich hue and intense concentration of flavours are obvious in the bottle.

A lot of Adams Whisky’s are very stubborn, they will tell us exactly what ABV they are best at, however, every now and again you will get a Whisky that works equally at two strengths. This just so happens to be one of those rare whisky’s. Adams is proud to present a true Cask Strength expression at 61.2% ABV

Aroma – Big, Bold, and Fruity. There is no other way to describe it. The intense flavours rush out of the glass, and you will scrabble to try and identify them all. There is a lot going on, but somehow in all the controlled madness, a pure beautiful bouquet still comes though

Palate - Slight peppery notes and hints of black fruits, sweet and intense upfront with a drawn-out soft oak. Very pleasant spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

Finish – An almost dry finish, however a very pleasant surprise with a wonderful twist of sweetness right at the end on what is becoming the quintessential Adams Pinot Noir Cask.