Pinot Noir Cask 43% ABV

Pinot Noir Cask 43% ABV

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Pinot Noir Cask – 43% ABV

Adams has always had a special affinity with Pinot Noir Casks. Tasmania is the perfect climate for producing both this world class wine and our world class whisky; the two are a match made in heaven. This particular offering is the oldest whisky we have released to date. The colour is almost black; this is primarily because of the Slosh Cask process. The Whisky is exposed to twice the previous fill, as a result, the beautiful rich hue and intense concentration of flavours are obvious in the bottle.

A lot of Adams Whisky’s are very stubborn, they will tell us exactly what ABV they are best at, however, every now and again you will get a Whisky that works equally at two strengths. This just so happens to be one of those rare whisky’s. Adams is proud to present a true Cask Strength expression at 61.2% ABV and a very complimentary 43% ABV.

Aroma – With this version, the vison is clearer and the edges more defined. The beautiful Pinot notes are allowed to shine on their own and just invite you in, no preteens. The oak cask makes a late arrival before disappearing at the end.

Palate – Still slight peppery notes and hints of black fruits however, these have given way to some of the soft subtle spices and dark chocolate undertones. The soft oak is softened even further to the point of being merely a supporting role in this story and no longer a leading character. There is a lovely sweet almost port style towards the back of the palate.

Finish – A much softer and sweeter finish at this ABV, more of the whisky is able to shine through as the Pinot Noir intensity relaxes on the finish. The length is still there, with a wonderful mouth feel.